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Thursday, June 17, 2010


To be frank, this month breakfast is quite slow. plus the cuti sekolah and my back pain, the pack is not always sold out and me taking so much leave (ewah! hahaha). Normally i will send the invoice twice per month so i can have little cash to buy some stock & extra money to take sami to movie (hamboiii kan dah baca Buku Jana RM Dari Rumah haippp!)

Today i bring Sami to station 'mami, sami taknak school, sami nak mami.. ' oh so sweet and i met the owner of the station. Auntie .. (ok i forgot her name damn), she's so sweet & kind to us. She let sami play with the kittens in her small, neat office room. Yes, the station have 3 kittens. memang comel & behave sbb xpenah kucing2 tu kacau display rack tau.

We chat for about 1/2hr till sami cried coz one of the kitten bite his finger, definitely his fault. Sapa suh cengkam badan kucing tu. Anyway, auntie generously give tips to me. She even gave me opportunity to sell other stuff for next fasting month. Thank Auntie. She also told me that the station is 30yrs old.. huk aloh.. Normally i only send pack Fried Kuew Tiau, Fried Mee, Sandwishes & Frankie but she asked me to send Nasi Lemak Cempaka as well. Oh syukur alhamdulillah. Nasi Lemak is one of the sellable items, cant wait to send them tomorrow morning.

Coming Soon : Cookies & Medium Hamper..

Wish Me Luck! xoxo


Masayu Ahmad said...

seciput jek ulasan ;P

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahha tu bukan ulasan.. tu sedutan hihihi

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