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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Party of Four


Thank you to Shahaliza for keep ordering :D
 She ordered for birthday celebration for 4 peps
(and this time i managed to take photo hehe)

 Beef Burger Sandwish + Mr. Frank Fries
  • Rifqy - 1 year old
  • Akif - 4 years old
  • Kyree - 24 years old
  • Ina - 32 years old..
sori dpt letak number aje

Made Me Macaroni

RM260 for 50paxs 
(includes delivery to Section 19 Shah Alam)

Thanks Liza! next time order lagik :P

~ sorry sangat pada yg order bulan lepas and before Ramadhan, terpaksa tolak sbb tukang masak tak sihat, even tgh admitted pon ade org nk order.  
Now dah boleh order kembali ya!
contact me at / 6012 3166131


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