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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Muhammad Eimran Qifli

Happy 1st Birthday Muhammad Eimran Qifli!

This morning we made Fun Tray & Lucky Beehun for little Qifli's 1st Birthday partey. The theme is red & white and his auntie, my friend Salwa definitely looking good with new belt bought from Take Me Home haha. Thanks Julie for the order. Harap berpuas hati ya!

Fun Tray
~ Mr. Frank Fries
~ Beef Burger SandwiSh
RM60 for 45paxs

Lucky Beehun
~ rich tray with beef, chicken, seafood, floating tofu & vege
RM50 for 30paxs 

love note: me off to MAHA


Rozy said...


salwana albaki said...

MIL i datang party eimran (raha panggil emwan!) so tak jadik pakai belt! ciesss! :)

anyway, food superb! :) sekejap je licin..hehe..nanti i order lagi k!

Ely Hasrul said...

hah ape kena ngena pakai belt ngan mil? hahaha frust lah gitu...

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