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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Morning Breakfast

Scram You Egg + Cheese

It's a 5mins prep & simple sandwiSh for Sami boy. He loves cheese and wanted Cheese SandwiSh BUT there's a trick, being Sami he will ultimately eating the cheese alone. I wonder why he didnt asked for cheese aje. So i made him Scram You Egg + Cheese in front of him.

First put sikit aje butter in hot non stick pan.. 
'wow mami.. mami buat zuupp tikk swiau swiau... ' with demo how i break the egg and stir it haha

then i scramble the egg and done. without fresh milk etc. simple version ma..

i put 2 spoon of mayo and stir it well, sapu kat roti (while panas2 tu..) then put cheese on top..

'Mami sedap.. sami nak tgk tv...tengkiu.. ' berlalu menuju ke tv smbil mngunyah sandwiSh. haha senang kan? healthy also tau.

5mins version of Scram You Egg + Cheese

love note: order open for SandwiSh special for hi-tea and partey


Ct Arina said...

yr sandwich looks sooo yummy! ;D

Ely Hasrul said...

hehe tengkiu.. i prefer scramble egg dari boiled, beza rasenye.. tp if version i mmg letak white pepper lah :D

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