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Monday, March 7, 2011

Papi's Beef Stew


as promised, jom peeps at Papi's homemade beef stew where he stole the recipe from who else .. Curtis Stone la hahaha.. i believed he changed the ingredients here and there but it's still yummy

Ingredients enough for 4 servings (seingtnye lah ye hehe)
- 700g beef (bentuk cube tu jgn kecik sgt tau)
- 2pcs potato, carrot, tomatoes & celery (potong beso2)
- 3cups of beef stock (Papi guna 2 cubes of Knorr beef stock aje slps pg cold storage pon xjumpa yg lain) but wise decision tuh
- red wine but papi tuka to Berry Juice
- Olive oil, secubit dua rosemary & thyme (daun buleh, Mccormick pon buleh)
- and onion, byk dlm 3biji onions gemok2 (potong 6 gitu), 
- garlic (chopped buat gaya mcm chef sekali ok)
- salt & pepper to taste (mix with beef)

Cara2 masak
- Heat olive oil in pot
- Sprinkle beef with salt & pepper
- cook until brown and set the beef aside
- Add onions, garlic, rosemary & thyme for 3mins
- Add Berry juice & tomatoes, simmer for 8mins
- Return beef to pot, add beef stocks and bring to gentle simmer
- Reduce to med-low heat and simmer for 1.5hrs with stirring occasionally (part nih dh lapo sgt dahh)
- Add cut potatoes, carrot & celery and cover up, simmer gently for 55mins (huh lagi? lamanyeee)
- Transfer beef & veggies to a bowl and Boil the remaining liquid for 20mins
- And lastly return the beef and veggies to pot (nih ikut budi bicara la nk kuah tu pekat ke cmne..) (alasan xtahan lapar)

Oh kejap!! i forgot the garlic loaf! haha so easy, just beli 1 stick of baguette and garlic spread. Potong roti tuh, sapu garlic and masuk microwave dlm 2mins and bleh makan! more pics bleh check kat FB

enjoy! and feel free to share kalau dh cuba! xoxo


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