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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dadzie Cafe @ Sinaran Ukay Condo

Syukur Alhamdulillah

Remember previous entry we got new station to put our Nasi Lemak Cempaka & Jelly Drinks? Yes, it's located at our condo - Sinaran Ukay, Bukit Antarabangsa. I wasn't sure and contemplating as never once we lepak at the cafe and they dont have many customer just i thought. And even we risk with very minimum profit margin just to test the market.

Guess after trying for only 3 days, i was wrong, damn wrong. We sold out Nasi on day one, got 2 return on the 2nd day (which we gave to the guards) and habis at 9pm on day 3! 9pm??? yesterday i sent the nasi at 8pm as we were about to go to Naluri to visit Jaja Gojes (she removed her one tube) and today before maghrib i sent 10packs of nasi and the owner requested to add 15-20.. errr ermmm

I'm positive and realistic gak. Maybe for the first 3days Sinaran resident or visitors excited and wanted to give a try but after a week? anyway the owner - Abang Dadzie (which is look young than me) gave good reason 'nanti start cuti sekolah lagi ramai'.. ermm ok make sense.memang time cuti sekolah ramai sgt la yg suka lepak kat bawah sampai kul 2-3 pagi. .. . tomoro will try for 15packs..


love note: need to find ice box to put the Jelly Drinks .. ramai gak yg suka.. abis dah satu carton huhu.. oh yeah, we reached our 300s tadik.. huh cptnye..Alhamdulillah


debyG! said...

yes babeh! im happy for u! u go gurl.. u shud thinking of doin big this time.. dah ada request tu, kasik byk skit volume.. bak kata Tony Fernandez, "they only mistakes we do is we never try" just buat jer.. insya Allah...

bole la gi Suria Condo mkn nasi lemak and sedut jelly drinks di tepi kolam renang yang ditiup angin sepoi2 bahasa.. hehehe

Ely Hasrul said...

thanks beb! next year kitorg duk BK kite buat bisnes sama2 la hahahaha..

sinaran condo lahh bukan suria ..tu la jarang dtg :P

Rozy said...

good for el!!
bangga sangat ngan ko..xperlaa ko pandai masak...
moga ko jadik usahawan vogue yg berjaya

Ely Hasrul said...

hah rozy ko jgn lupe contest aku .. patu nnti aku nk share buku 101 bisnes idea tu spt yg dijanjikan...

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