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Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Banner, New Station & 200s


Last month, we have amazingly reached 200 packs of Nasi Lemak Cempaka, alhamdulillah (time sami turns 2 plak tu). Eventhough we forgot to take last month party orders i'm sure we will replace it with a good one this month. Papi promised to create new banner for us but he always bz with his work, meetings, basketballs, man-united, espn etc :P and i was quite bz too. Bz finding ways to expand packmelove and better time mgt. And thank you Allah, suddenly Cat create me a banner as a gift. she said she's returning a favor as previously i voted her in one page (i couldnt remember for what hah pelupa lah)Ya Allah Cat!! i vote ikhlas tau! and thank you! love it! (ceh bukan nak menolak lagik siap suka hahaha)

see, exactly whats in my mind

So now this is officially our banner. Pls copy paste the code and put it on ur blog tengkiu :P Oh yeah, we also got new station, not a gas station but cafe in our condo. Dadzie Cafe @ Sinaran Ukay Condo. We will supply only Nasi Lemak Cempaka & Jelly Drinks. Available from Mon - Sat from 7pm - 11pm. Yes. Malam2 pon nk bungkus nasi. Sila lah datang ok. RM1/pack only. Murah kan?

Love note: Get ready menu list for Hari Bertemu Pelanggan @ Esso Ampang.



Masayu Ahmad said...

cantiklah logo tu,siapa yang buat, advance sungguh, web saya belum berlogo lagi tak tahulah bila, tengah survey2 jugak

Ely Hasrul said...

cat yg tolong buatkn. saya nih pon satu xbuat link kat nama dia.. kalu nk check leh klik banner dia kat kanan bwh nih.. kedai gambar kami.. hah cpt la mas buat banner leh change banner hehehhee

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