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Monday, March 22, 2010

Promo Entry : BiqCloZet

My sweet little pervert blood sista has launched her bisnes blog call BiqCloZet. Most of the items are from her fav stuff and normally the good ones will be 'QC' by sista first haha. She and Uncle C (her hubby) spending half of their time travelling and love to bring back souvenirs and Debi told her to let go most some of the item as she loves to buy them but we cant remember her wearing them hehe

Jom kite check kat BiqCloZet

Gambar hiasan :P


Sami & Auntie Biqque

Auntie Biqque & Uncle C
(masih hangat bercinta walaupon dh bercinta lebeh 10tahun.. fuhh apekah rahsianye?)


Biqque said...

weh, letak gambar blog la...letak muka aku watpe, maluuuuuuuu hahahaha!

ok banner dah siap, gi amik kat

tx for promoting! luv ya!

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