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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frank Fries

Officially in our menu.

'Baby, nak frank u buat' Papi asked while enjoying his dinner, bleh?

'Ermm macam resoles la Baby' stopped his Macaroni Soup and finished the roll.

'Errr Baby dah kenyang la plak...' aiseh who's gonna finish his Soup?

I've been planning to prepare this set of rolls since Doris asked about it. And tonite Papi also requested the same. I prefer to prepare Resoles (my all-time fav) but never try it (zzzzz)

So, we proudly present our new family member..

Mr. Frank Fries

~ RM 1.5/pack 
~ RM 20/tray (enough for 10-12paxs)
~ Sensational chicken / beef sausage roll with high brand bread dip with egg & crumbs

Love Note: Available at Esso Ampang & Esso Taman Maluri on Mon, Wed & Fri only


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