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Friday, March 12, 2010

Promo Entry - Wedding Bazaar Gathering


I've been Diah follower for quite sometimes. She's so expert in wedding haha and i love her writing & thoughts and i coudnt understand how she coop with those reception. Beruntung lah asik dapat makan nasik minyak haha.

So, jom join Pn. Diah kita for 1st Blogger Brides Gathering at The Zone on 27th March 2010 2pm - 6pm

RM 25/pack only includes Hi-Tea, door gift and games

We gather to share, show, sell and rent our wedding items such as baju nikah, baju sanding, baju pengapit (haha), kasut, accesories, barang hantaran etc and sure everybody know i come because of the food (haha)

Pack Me Love will be there as a blogger frens & vendor; coudnt wait to meet Diah and we will giveaway Jelly Drinks Sample.. yummiie....

Any registration as a guest pls contact Pn. Diah thru her email ~



dialicious said...

elyyyy..bagusnye ayat promo u ni lagi hebat dari i..hahahaa..tq for ur support n promotion
dtg awal tau nanti ;)

Ely Hasrul said...

haha i excited nk jumpa n lepak ngan u all.. bese la overst.. psst.. kul bape nk dtg to set up?

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