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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peserta Kelima Makan Moment:

Salam.. tercapai juga cita2 hendak mengupdate blop (boleh tak? hehe). Seronok sungguh minggu nih sbb dapat bawak sami jalan2 (siap potong rambut dia sekalik). Meh kita tgk entry makan team nih hehe

Peserta Kelima Makan Moment

I'm joining the above contest organized by Pack Me Love...

me joining the 2nd category ie

Makan Moment

here is my pic entry..

I choose this pics coz me rasa it's mcm kena ajer dgn tema 'double' ie 2 baby boys are cutely enjoying their makan moment(trying hard to bite & chew) ! in this pic is my boy Ariff (in blue stripey t-shirt) and the other one(in yellow t-shirt) is my lil nephew Irham (nama glamer 'E-ham'), yg bersungguh hati cuba mengunyah baby the time the pic was taken, both babies ni tak de gigi lagi (8 months old plus masa ni)..and they are sebaya (both born in April 2009)...and this is one of my fav pics sbb me think it's the sweetest 'makan moment' of my baby Ariff & his cousin :)

Good luck Ariff & E-ham!


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