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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SGM 1 & 2

Last Feb 28 & Mar 28, Thu & Tha ordered Make Me Macaroni & Nasi Lemak 'Spesel' for SGM potluck (lyrical plak). Thu requested telur mata for the nasi and believed me i got funny review on the look :P

Nasi Lemak Cempaka with Telo Mata
~ RM2/pack

To be frank, if they dont make any order pon i will surely come for the gath. Tadi i received sms from Fiza informing that SGM3 will be on this 24th. I'm thinking of making Healthy Spiral so Lucky for my potluck part.. ermmmm


fiza said...

Ely, SGM tu 25/4 bukan 24/4. Aku silap tgk calendar (^_^)

Ely Hasrul said...

hehe ok aku tau dari event thu kat fb. aku tgh lapo nih.. mcm2 menu berlegar2 ...

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